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Quadri*Sil - Exclusive Four-Point Seal

Leakage Distance

Quadri*Sil® suspension insulators feature standard and high leakage distance weathershed profiles for maximum resistance to contamination and leakage currents in various environmental applications. The hydrophobic nature of our silicone rubber ensures superior performance in contaminated environments.

High Pressure Washing

Quadri*Sil transmission insulators normally do not require washing or other routine maintenance. Washing may be required if the insulators are installed in an area of severe environmental contamination. In the event that washing is required, the procedures outlined in Section IX of the "IEEE GUIDE FOR INSULATOR CLEANING," IEEE STD 957-2005 are generally applicable.

Mechanical Ratings

Quadri*Sil suspension insulators are rated and tested in accordance with IEC 61109 and ANSI C29.12. Quadri*Sil line post insulators are rated and tested in accordance with IEC 61952 and ANSI C29.17. Certified test reports are available. For suspension insulators, SML ratings are 120 kN, 160 kN, 210 kN, 25 kip, 30 kip, and 50 kip with appropriate rod size and end fittings. RTL ratings are consistent with the IEC and ANSI standards. Factory routine tests are conducted on 100 percent of all insulators to the RTL rating.


Markings for Quadri*Sil suspension insulators are placed on a UV-resistant label located on the ground end fitting. Markings for Quadri*Sil line post insulators are placed on a metal plate on the mounting base of the insulator. Markings include SML and RTL (for suspension), SCL and RCL (for line post), part number, assembly date code, and Hubbell Power Systems identification. These markings are consistent with applicable IEC and ANSI standards.

Insulator Lengths

Quadri*Sil suspension insulators are available in lengths appropriate for 69 kV through 765 kV. Longer lengths can be produced for special projects. Intermediate lengths – those that fall in between the catalog numbers listed in the tables – are also available. Length increments are approximately 2.2 inches (56 mm) for suspension insulators and 2.4 inches (61 mm) for vertical and horizontal line post insulators.



Quadri*Sil insulators have been tested successfully to meet the requirements of IEC 61109 and ANSI C29.11. For a certified test report or additional information related to product testing, please contact your HPS representative.


Quadri*Sil suspension insulators are packaged in wooden crates 44 inches (111.7 cm) wide with the length of the crate determined by the length of the insulator. The height of the crate is normally less than 45 inches (114.3 cm). The gross weight will not exceed 2,000 pounds (909 kg). Crates are available for both domestic and export transportation.

The Quadri*Sil line post insulators are packaged in appropriate quantities in open wood crates. Line post insulators are packaged to prevent the metal bases from resting on the polymer weathershed material.

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