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Ratchet Cable Cutters (Hand)

Easy operation, rugged construction
To give long service life, the design of these compact cutters is based on a simple ratchet mechanism. Simple controls and sure ratcheting action makes working with them easy.

C-type jaws are heat-treated for lasting strength and sharpness. Stampings on the jaws indicate application limits.

Despite their small size, they are built to take punishing field conditions. The reinforced-fiberglass handles are PVC-coated and protected by a vinyl sleeve. Thick vinyl grips shield the handle ends and help worker keep a steady grasp.

Operating instructions are included with both cutter styles.

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Description Weight
C4032979 Soft Conductor Cutters 4 1/4 lb. (1.9 kg.)
C4032980 Hard Conductor Cutters 4 3/8 lb. (2 kg.)

for ACSR or Aluminum & Copper

Compact size gets into close quarters
These conductor cutters are half the size and weight of standard ratchet cutters. Two styles of the compact cutters ratings match a wide range of overhead and underground conductors. They can get into such confining workspace as manholes and handholes. In practice, they open in less than half the space required for long-handled ratcheting cutters. Their small size also saves on toolbox and warehouse storage.

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