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General Reference & Ratings

From the name you trust and the brand you depend on, Chance Lineman Grade Gloves and Sleeves are available now.

Ratings and Labels

Insulating gloves and sleeves should be used by properly trained personnel in compliance with the employer's work procedures and the applicable standards for every voltage rating and application. The table below summarizes the rubber insulating gloves ratings and labels per ASTM.

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Selecting the right size for you
Selecting the right size ensures a comfortable wear without sacrificing dexterity. Allow approximately an additional 0.5" if liners will be used.

We're taking responsibility ...
Chance Lineman Grade Gloves and sleeves are manufactured using environmentally conscious processes that make the most efficient use of raw materials and natural resources.

When you wear our gloves you are also helping limit VOC and CO2 emissions.

Class Max. Use
Voltage AC / DC
Proof Test
Voltage AC / DC
*Gloves only
500 / 750 2,500 / 10,000 Beige
0 1,000 / 1,500 5,000 / 20,000 Red
1 7,500 / 11,250 10,000 / 40,000 White
2 17,000 / 25,500 20,000 / 50,000 Yellow
3 26,500 / 39,750 30,000 / 60,000 Green
4 36,000 / 54,000 40,000 / 70,000 Orange

Leather Protector Considerations

Leather protectors must meet ASTM specification F696 and should always be worn over rubber insulating gloves to prevent mechanical damage to the rubber gloves, except for those conditions detailed in ASTM F496. The protector must be properly sized and shaped to avoid the deformation or damage of the rubber insulating glove. The minimum distances between the gauntlet and the cuff are listed in the table shown.

For more details on leather protectors or rubber gloves, please refer to ASTM D120, F496 and F696.

Glove Class Min. Distance Between Protectors and Rubber Gloves
in. mm.
0 1/2 13
1 1 25
2 2 51
3 3 76
4 4 102
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