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Load-Pickup Tool Sets

• Rated for loads as high as 250 amperes
• Pre-assembled for 15kV systems
• Include load-pickup device, jumper clamp,15kV cable

Rated to pickup and carry 250-amp loads at 15kV, each completely assembled set consists of Load-Pickup Tool, Jumper Clamp, 15kV Jumper Cable and cable connectors. Load-Pickup Tool and Jumper Clamp fit conductors from #6 Copper (0.162") through 795 ACSR kcmil (1.108").

Four standard set include options for 10-foot or 12-foot lengths of either #2 or 1/0 Jumper Cable. Upon request, other pre-assembled sets are available combining other Chance- Jumper Clamps, other sizes and lengths of Jumper Cable and appropriate connectors (Catalog pages 2302 and 2306). Individual components also may be ordered for customer assembly of various combinations.

Operation and Maintenance

Load-Pickup Tool cannot be used to break loads because operator cannot open contacts while Tool is installed on conductor. To recock contacts, operator inserts fiberglass rod through head of Tool to push plunger to fully-opened position. Rod is supplied attached to end of operating lanyard. Pulling this insulated lanyard closes the spring-loaded contacts. Contacts cannot be "teased" closed. Bearing-type floating washers in jaws of Tool and Jumper Clamp assure secure gripping but minimal scoring of conductors during installation. WARNING: Adequate rubber gloves must be worn when using this equipment.

Clean and inspect Load-Pickup Tool after every 25 operations or at least once every 90 days. Clean all plastic parts with a soft cloth dampened with only ethyl alcohol. To disassemble Tool, simply remove two screws in handguard.

Construction Features

Load-Pickup Tool:

  • Orange-tinted clear Lexan® housing permits easy visual inspection
  • Current-carrying parts of Copper or Copper alloy
  • Contact points are Silver plated
  • Handguard of high-impact Nylon keeps hand away from energized area

Jumper Clamp:

  • Current-carrying parts of Copper alloy
  • Handles of high-impact Polyethylene
  • Wide handguard flange keeps hand away from energized area

All Units
Electrical Ratings:
Nominal 15kV 3-phase or 8.3kV single phase circuits; 250 amps continuous current.

Jumper Clamp: #6 Copper (0.162") minimum through 795 kcmil ACSR (1.108") maximum.

Catalog Number Cable Length 15 kV Cable Size Weight (lb./kg.)
C4031557 10 ft. #2 17.75/8.05
C4031558 12 ft. #2 19.62/8.89
C4031559 10 ft. 1/0 20.8/9.43
C4031560 12 ft. 1/0 23.28/10.55
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