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Tension Puller Switching Tool

• For line tension up to 4,000 lb. with manual hookstick switch

• Maximum ratings: 35 kV Ø-Ø, 600 amps continuous, 150 kV BIL

Applications and design

This tool permits a live overhead distribution line to be cut. By bearing the mechanical load, it helps create a parallel circuit. This averts service interruption while the cutting and related work are performed. It may be applied wherever a disconnect switch is desired for temporary sectionalizing and the tool is properly rated concerning line tension, continuous current, BIL and system voltage.

Applications that require cutting a conductor include:

  • Deadend-structure construction
  • Overhead switch installation on a structure
  • In-line switch installation.

The Tension Puller Switching Tool basically combines two Chance products: Epoxiglas® insulated tension puller and LTD® line-tension disconnect switch.

For this special tool, weathershed skirts of a tough, lightweight polymeric have been bonded to the tension puller's 1-1/2"-diameter Epoxiglas pole. At both ends of the skirts, a locating pin aligns a compression clamp to secure the switch hot parts to the pole.

A bypass stud (1/2"-dia.) added at each end of the switch accepts clamps up to 3" wide. The rigid, H-frame copper switch blade opens to a standard 90°, or to 180° with a stop pin removed. Contact areas are silver-plated for high conductivity. Galvanized-steel hooks are provided for use with a portable loadbreak device. For easy opening and ice-breaking, the pull ring (1-1/4"-dia. eye) activates latch as a pry-lever.

Hooks on ends are fixed so as not to swivel. Safety latch on hooks has a spring-loaded gate able to rotate 135 degrees left or right from the closed position.

Selector lever on ratchet wrench is extra large for easier operation by hot line tools.

Installation and operation

Equipped with rings, this tool may be handled and operated by either hot-line tools or rubber-glove live-line techniques. Illustrated instructions included with each unit give application considerations and procedures for installation, operation and maintenance.

Suspended from hot-line wire grips with the disconnect switch closed, the tension puller works like a jack. Operating the ratchet wrench brings the tool's two ends closer. This reduces tension on the conductor between the tool's hooks.

Hot line jumpers sized to the application are installed on the conductor and the tool's bypass studs to create a parallel circuit. Before cutting the conductor, it is securely restrained. Once cut, its long tail is clamped back onto itself.

A properly rated portable loadbreak device may now be hung on the tool's disconnect hooks and used to open the switch.

For additional recommendations, refer to ANSI C37.35 IEEE Guide for the Application, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of High Voltage Air Disconnecting and Load Intrerrupter Switches.

For proper installation, select from four sizes of hot-line wire grips shown on Chance catalog page 1258 and the full range of jumper equipment in this section. To secure cut end of conductor, tie back clamp C4000600, shown on Chance catalog page 2222, fits conductors ranging from #4 to 397.4 kcmil ACSR.

Operate disconnect switch with only a portable loadbreak tool.

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4001907 Tension Puller Switching Tool 22 lb. / 9.9 kg.
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