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Hot Line Tool Rack

With the Chance Hot Line Tool Rack, there is no need for rolls of canvas or other ground covering devices. The compact, collapsible Racks take up little space on the line truck or in the trailer.

Tools are protected against abrasion by soft, tough plastisol coating over arms and center mast. All metal parts below the plastisol are galvanized or bronze for resistance to corrosion.

The folding tripod-like legs can be locked in the fully opened or fully closed position. An eyebolt, secured by a bead chain, is used to lock the legs in position.

Each pair of Tool Racks will support up to 12 tools as there are 12 arms to a rack. Poles of 3" diameter will easily fit on the arms.

Catalog No. Description No. of Tools Accommodated Weight
M4660 1 Tool Rack* 12 10 lb.
* These are normally used in pairs: Quantities of two M4660 should be specified.
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