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Hot Stick Tension Puller

34.5 kV Ø-Ø and 69 kV Ø-Ø

The Hotstick Tension Puller is equipped with rings so that it can be handled and operated with the Chance Grip-All Clampstick or with rubber gloves.

Both models feature a hook on each end that is non-swiveling for positive hotstick operation and has a spring-loaded gate which will rotate 135 degrees left or right from closed position.

For operational ease the selector lever on the ratchet wrench of these two models has been made larger to accommodate hotsticks.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4000574 34.5 kV, Safety Hook both ends 12 lb. / 5.4 kg.
C4000575 69 kV, Safety Hook both ends 12 1/2 lb./ 5.6 kg.

Tension Puller Hook Adapter C4000573

The Hook Adapter is a field-replacement item for adding the catch and the hotstick eye. The Adapter is interchangeable with hooks of both Tension Pullers above.

Tie Back Clamp C4000600 Conductor Range: #4 to 397.4 kcmil ACSR

The Tie Back Clamp installs with a Grip-All clampstick. It is used with a Tension Puller to keep the tail of a conductor out of the work area by tying it back to the main line after it has been cut. The clamp also may be used to hold a jumper on the main line while applying a compression connector.

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