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Markers, Guy Wire


Made from an MPO formulation, markers come in yellow only. They resist whitening and have high impact resistance. Markers don't become brittle when cold. They cover completely from the ground up. Markers attach to any 3/16" to 3/4" guy strands. Clamps are located at top, middle and lower end of marker. Each PBG is furnished with a one-bolt hardware clamp at the lower end to fit all types of guy attachments and two one-bolt strand clamps at the middle that adapts to fit guy wires from 3/16" through 3/4".


Bright, high visibility markers neither bleach out to white nor crack from cold temperatures. Made of ultraviolet-stabilized high-density polyethylene, overlapping tube-like design offers full-length coverage.

Easy installation requires no tools. Replaceable standard tie strap allows the markers to be reused. Three holes permit the black self-locking nylon strap (furnished) to secure the lower end in a choice of two attachment methods - either above or over the anchor rod, illustrated below. This fastening design eliminates the cutaway section that would weaken its resistance to breaking.

The economy marker is available in high visibility 8' long, 1-1/8" O.D., bright yellow sections.

*Cat. No. C0790263. Reflective 10" long bright orange strip 2' from top of yellow marker for greater visibility. Ideal for heavy snow areas and also for recreational ATV-use areas.


Increased Visibility

A full 36° of 1.5" diameter high visibility yellow or orange provides increased visibility to children and adults alike. Also available in green or gray for more aesthetically inconspicuous applications. A 2-1/2" diameter marker is also available.

Increased Vandal Resistance

A unique strand trapping design has been added to the security of a concealed pigtail and a self-locking nylon strap. The guy strand passes easily in one direction only . . . into the marker.

Increased Installation Ease

Easy to install; tough to remove. Simply snap the marker over the guy and lock it in place with the self-locking nylon strap and pigtail.

Increase Installation Range

Fit guy strand diameters from 3/16" to 1/2".

Increased Ruggedness for Demanding Service

The UV stabilized, high impact, high density polyethylene construction has excellent color retention, cold weather properties and no cutaway sections to weaken its strength.

Decreased Costs

Not only will you save time but you'll also save money with these exceptionally affordable guy markers.

Ordering Information

Profile Attachment
Length Diameter Color Material Approx.
Ship Wt.
per Each
96FRPMYEL 3-16" to 1/2" Full Round
"Heart" Shaped
Helical Pigtail 96" 1.5" Yellow Polyethylene 1.48 lbs.
96FRPMORG Orange 1.48 lbs.
84FRPMYEL 84" Yellow 1.30 lbs.
C0790263 (1) 96" 1.48 lbs.
96FRPMRYEL Flame Retardent
1.48 lbs.
T0790206 None Polyethylene 1.44 lbs.
96PBG2Y 3/16" to 3/4" Half Round Metal Clamp 2" Noryel 1.77 lbs.
96FRPE Full Round
None 1-1/8" Polyethylene 0.96 lbs.
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